Clipping - a toll for effective communication
Media monitoring and analysis of media presence is an important tool for effective communication and successful
marketing and the daily traveller for communicators in companies and institutions.
The company’s need for access to information in right time is of the utmost importance due to the increasing
media diversity when information is disseminated faster and less transparent.
During the day we read printed media carefully, listen and watch radio and television programs,
as well monitor internet and social media with modern applications monitor.
To our clients we promptly forward important information, on which immediately reaction is necessary in communication
within the institutions in which they operate or to external public.
We are proud to have among our clients reputable Slovenian companies and institutions, we
have also established a qualitative international cooperation.
Our clients specifically expressed satisfaction over our qualitative monitoring of media reporting about political and
economic situation and developments both in Slovenia and in the surrounding area.
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