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Genion Clipping part of Newton Media Group is a proactive company in the field of monitoring and
analysis of media publications in which employees have the option of making a quality
decisions about arange of personal goals and objectives and sustainable growth
of the Company at the exercise of initiatives and ideas.
Transfer of ideas and knowledge is carried out in cooperation with our business partners
with timely respond to the changes and needs through the coordination of processes.
New technologies present new challenges and with introducing novelties and innovation
we create new added value.
We take a visible and active role in providing quality services monitoring and media
analysis on the Slovenian market.
We operate in different economic and cultural environments, and this diversity enriches us
and stimulates creativity. As a member of the Newton Media Group family we are transferring
good European practices in the home environment.
We are a socially responsible company. For many years we have supported a number
of athletes, sports clubs, humanitarian and cultural projects and institutions.
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