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Analysis of the media presence is an indispensable tool for effective
communication with the media as well as for evaluating the effectiveness of
communication or sponsorship. Our analysis will help you to answer the
following questions: what is the scope of media phenomenon, which media and
the authors have reported about you, which topics were covered in the media,
what is the tone of reporting, where representatives of your company have been
mentioned, quoted, summarized and what is the range of these posts and
what was the financial efficency.
In the analysis of the media presence our guide is professionalism, impartiality and
accuracy. We offer a wide range of analyses, which are at the same time also
flexible to the wishes and needs of the client.
 Media analyses that we perform every day, will help you to :
- Monitor the efficency of operations -
- Position your market advantages -
- Increase the profitability of the company -
- Determine what the competition is doing -
- Notice any changes in the market -
Successfull communication with the media also depends on how well the
institution is aware of the scope and content of reportings of it, while providing
timely reaction to the untruths and errors that may appear in the media.
 Media relations has to be seen in two ways, both to determine how successful
they are in achieving these goals and how effectively the funds they had invested
were used. However, the evaluation is done in two groups: the end -users, that is,
the media audience, and the journalists themselves. The quality of relationships
with the media depends on the effects on both groups.
Analysis of the media presence, which is adjusted to the needs and wishes
of the client presents a comprehensive overview of media coverage over
time and so has the potential for good and effective communication with the
media, contributes to the final evaluation of the performance of the business,
donors, sponsors and other actions, while pointing to possible inaccuracy or
misrepresentation in media coverage.
 Quantitative Qualitative analysis focuses either on media reporting of all client
activities, but it may also focus on one special event; the analysis would help the
client to the results of the evaluation of its performance.
Most frequent parameters we rely on in analysis are following: overview of media,
authors, titles, content and value connotations of posts, special attention to the
appearance of employees, a summary of the most frequently discussed topics,
estimated advertising value, reach and circulation of media.
For the needs of our clients we offer a variety of analysis:
Complex  Qualitative   Individual
 Sponsorship  Benchmarking


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