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Internet media are monitored by a specific application where we have a
wide range of webportals in the world (currently over 48,000). Monitoring
is carried out "live", even in a real time; the user can receive the posts
immediately after publication on the Internet by email or via SMS on the mobile phone.
All modern portable devices are supported - smart phones, tablet computers,...
The advantage of this type of monitoring is the speed of delivery of key posts or topics
to the customer, but also offers a variety of options for analysis. Within the product
of Internet monitoring we also offer a posibility of a large number of profiles / assemblies
consisting of pre-defined keywords.
The emergence of the Internet goes in the late sixties (1969) and eighties when it started
to run as ARPANET. 1 January 1983 the ARPANET changed its core networking protocols
from NCP (Network Control Program) to TCP / IP, which is the actual beginning of the
Internet as we know it today.

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