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Radio in television
Radio and television media are monitored with the help of specific application -
electronic "logger ", which archives all the radio stations and television stations
at key times, processing is performed immediately, the transmission of the
recordings is possible in different formats.
 Television is the technology of transfer of still or moving images and sound from a
distance. Technical designes were developed in the 19th century; practically
useful implementations have arisen around 1930. The Olympics in Berlin in 1936
were already broadcasted with the television signal. Television is also a synonym
for TV set, a device that emits a television image and the institution that
engages in such activity. Television is the short name for the television station.
Radio is a technology that allows the transmission of signals by adjusting the
(modulation) of electromagnetic waves, which have a lower frequency
than the light. The term radio also means a radio transmitter, radio receiver
and an institution that creates a radio program.
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