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Social media
As a part of the monitoring of Internet media is of course tracking of
social media, namely Facebook, Twitter,... also included through monitoring
a particular topic or a keyword via an automated interface, which was
developed on the basis of the monitoring needs of clients - Delivery is within
the clipping or immediately after detection of new entries/clicks/comments.
Monitoring of the response (LIKE) of visitors of each topic/event/ publication is
also possible. In this context we also automately monitor key blog sites - which
we define with the client in the context of media monitoring.
Social media are becoming independent from the “classic” websites and include
a number of online platforms that have a large number of users.
Among the social media web blogs and communities are included.
The oldest online communities are MySpace, LinkedIn and Xing. Increasingly,
however, is the importance of the younger platforms such as Netlog, or StudiVZ.
However, Facebook overshadows all social media, as it is the only translated into
different languages ​​and therefore has a remarkable international success.
All Slovenian blogs are recorded and taken into account in a single process.
Blogs do not necessarily have clearly defined regional distribution thus we capture
all the blogs where they speak Slovenian.
Twitter is one of the most active new social media, created by Jack Dorsey,
Evan Williams and Biz Stone in 2006. Twitter the micro blog that allows you to send
140 characters to people who follow you. It is one of the fastest ways to
spread information around the world.
Facebook has also been established in 2006 under the hands of Mark Zuckerberg
and it’s a third largest “country” in the world regarding the number of people reported.
Users can connect with friends, or like favorite page or celebrity.
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