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The wide world is at your fingertips! We are proud to be a partner of
group for media monitoring and analysis with centuries-old tradition. Join us
and take advantage of many years of business experience of Newton Media SEE!
 As partners of the Newton Media SEE we can do media monitoring in more than forty
countries around the world. Thanks to good relations and excellent cooperation
between companies in the Newton Media SEE, we offer quality and
ongoing monitoring foreign media. 
We assure you monitoring of your vital information from foreign media in the
field of PR strategies, media planning, competition and trends in your industry, the
development of new and alternative products, and of course,
responses to market developments.
 Know your audience, your market and your competitors! Actively take part in
creating your own media image with the knowledge of who is writing about you and
what are they wrte.. Working with partners in the Newton Media Group is designed
precisely to help you, beside Slovenian market, also explore the foreign
markets and to overcome language barriers.
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