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Is the smartCLIPP also accessible from home?

Of course. SmartCLIPP -a can be accessed from anywhere where you are connected to the Internet. You only need your username and password.

Can we beside the organization of an event order also monitoring of additional passwords and additional media?

We offer you as the client a comprehensive media monitoring, which is always created in accordance with your wishes. We monitor additional media or key words if you tell us on time.

Can I receive all posts by time period specified on the CD-ROM?

At your request we can deliver you a CD-ROM or printed format of all publications in a certain period.

Can we order media monitoring for a certain time, a short time?

You can also order monitoring of the media for a short, specified period of time. So, for example, when the organization is preparing a business event, let us know your keywords and theme of the event and we will monitor responses and posts on this event throughout the duration of the event and also before and after the event. If desired, we can also make an analysis of the media for this event.

When can I get collections of posts by email?

Our recommendation is to send you a collection of publications or reports in daily, weekly or monthly time interval. You alone define the interval and the time period when you receive collections posts the most.

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