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Is it possible to make an analysis based on competitive comparisons?

If you have as a client ordered a monitoring of media reports in connection with the competition, production of an analysis, which includes a comparison with the competition, is possible. There are several levels of comparison of the number of posts, tone of posts, of primacy posts, planning, size and length of the publications, the estimated advertising value, as well as the names of authors and the type of media.

Can you order a media analysis for a specific event or a specific topic?

Quantitative Qualitative analysis focuses either on the media coverage of all of your activities; you can focus on each event, an area, a representative of the company,... whose analysis would help you to the results of the evaluation of performance of the event / fields / representative.

Why should I have a media analysis?

Analysis of the media presence that is adjusted to your needs and wishes, presents a comprehensive overview of media coverage over time and so has the potential for good and effective communication with the media. It is helpful for the final evaluation of the performance of the business, donors, sponsors and other actions, while pointing to possible inaccuracies or misrepresentation in media coverage.

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