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Login failed. What now?

First of all, check if you have entered the correct username and password and try again. If re- entry in smartCLIPP is unsuccessful first check the validity of your password - it depends on the duration of the contract. For any further information and assistance or you can always contact a company, your system administrator or general phone number 02-614-12-21.

Login was successful, how to proceed?

After logging in you can browse the database of collected posts. Posts can choose the desired category, which are available in the search menu. You can search by date, type of media, medium, theme, or keyword for the desired time period.

What does smartCLIPP?

With the application SmartClipp you have the archive posts on the activities and topics that are of interest to you. With the help of quick and advanced search browser has access to the desired publication, which may be linked to a specific media, subject, title, author's name and the time period. Export of data to customer needs and analysis is simple and friendly.

Where can I get a username and password?

Username and password are assigned to you at the conclusion of the contract of media monitoring.

What is smartCLIPP and how do I access smartCLIPPa?

SmartCLIPP are data on publications in the media in electronic form that have you as a subscriber of our clipping available anytime, anywhere. SmartCLIPP -a can be reached through our website, you need to enter your username and password.

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